Bolton Institute of Medical Sciences Handsover

The Bolton Institute of Medical Sciences (BIMS) has handed over marking a big investment in healthcare education in the Northeast. The project represents a significant advancement in medical education and training, offering a comprehensive range of facilities designed to foster vocational and professional skills in the healthcare sector.

This ambitious project is a collaborative effort between Bolton College, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Bolton, and Bolton Council, aiming to address the growing skills shortage in the region by providing a direct route into healthcare employment. The BIMS is strategically located to serve as a gateway for new learners, offering an integrated curriculum that emphasises practical, hands-on training in clinical and medical disciplines.

The state-of-the-art facilities at BIMS include a variety of simulation suites that replicate real-world medical environments, such as an Emergency Medicine suite complete with ambulance unloading area, a high-fidelity simulation suite for acute care scenarios, and an Operating Theatre simulation suite. Additionally, the Maternity/Delivery and General clinical simulation suites enhance the learning experience, preparing students for a wide range of medical situations. The inclusion of a Digital Anatomy Suite, featuring the innovative ‘Anatomage’ Digital Anatomy Table, further underscores BIMS’s commitment to utilising cutting-edge technology in education.

The institute’s design incorporates a circular lecture theatre that echoes the historic anatomy lecture theatres, fostering an environment of immersive learning. The ground floor is open to the public, offering catering and social spaces, and employs digital technologies to create a fully immersive demonstration environment. The building’s infrastructure is designed to accommodate high occupancy while mitigating noise from the adjacent ‘blue light’ vehicle route through a sealed mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery. Solar shading on the southern façades is another eco-conscious feature that reduces heat gain, demonstrating BIMS’s dedication to sustainability alongside educational excellence.

UKREiiF 2024
UKREiiF 2024


Craig Reed and Richard Perry will be in attendance for the conference in Leeds