Be Bold, Be Birmingham! Stadium Success

The Alexander Stadium certainly cemented its status as an international athletics venue during the recent games. We are immensely proud of our work with Arup on the design and delivery of the new stadium and we are extremely fortunate to be part of a vast international event that has left a permanent mark on our home city. Looking to the immediate future, the Alexander Stadium will now become a high-profile venue for diverse sporting, leisure, and cultural events. The overall project has redeveloped the stadium into a centre of sporting excellence at a local, regional, and world-class level, increasing capacity from 12,700 seats to a permanent capacity of 18,000, and the temporary seating arrangement took it up to a limit of 40,000 spectators.

he venue will be accessible to all who wish to visit it, with enhanced community facilities set to benefit the city and its residents for generations to come. Its redevelopments has been a catalyst for the wider Perry Barr regeneration effort, helping with the city’s growth strategy. The area is seeing significant investment including the wider housing market and improvements to local infrastructure and transport provision.

We have been blown away by the response to recent events and to Birmingham itself; we simply couldn’t be any prouder of our city and the way it has delivered a world-class sporting event seen by millions. Carry on being BOLD Birmingham!



UKREiiF 2024
UKREiiF 2024


Craig Reed and Richard Perry will be in attendance for the conference in Leeds