Revamped and Refreshed Head Office Completes

East Midlands Housing’s revamp of their Head office in Coalville has completed. The revamp follows their brief of moving the office to more agile ways of working with a focus on meetings and collaborative activities. Their desire to move away from the antiquated one desk per person approach was talked with a design solution that radically transformed their HQ and supported their business modernisation. Sustainability was also key and included reducing carbon emissions, improved lighting, more efficient and effective heating, and the use of sustainable technologies.

The refurbishment has also allowed EMH to begin the development of a consistent look and feel across their building portfolio. This will be in-line with their existing brand identity, focussing on promoting people and communication.

Our solution promotes cross collaboration and enhances digital services to support this, providing spaces that support ‘mix and match’ approaches through both physical and virtual meetings. Tiered acoustics promote interaction close to the vertical circulation with task and associated work settings becoming more private as you move away from high traffic areas. Hot-desk zones are supported by local amenities such as high-backed sofas, meeting rooms, perch tables and coffee points to facilitate interaction whilst retaining spaces for concentration.

The interior design scheme for the refurbished building is welcoming, with a professional feel that is not too corporate and reflects the company ethos. The fresh and modern design with a focus on natural materials creates a space that feels creative and collaborative, ensuring staff enjoy coming into the office. The design allows for future adjustments in settings and furniture, or space to be made, which ensures ongoing smooth operation and responsiveness to staff needs.




UKREiiF 2024
UKREiiF 2024


Craig Reed and Richard Perry will be in attendance for the conference in Leeds