1SSP AA Studio

Our Approach


How we work:

We love creating architecture that ‘wows’, but we believe it’s the levels of detail that come together to create the biggest impact. We deliver the perfect balance between ‘wow’ design and workability, each individual detail being conceived from a sense of purpose and human need, over design kudos.

Always collaborative

As our name suggests, we know the value of bringing people together, believing the most exciting and meaningful buildings are created through dialogue and collaboration. We have some of the best talent and expertise at our fingertips from both inside and outside of our practice, ensuring we have an angle for everything, and we also look to the communities we serve to inspire and enrich our work.

At Associated Architects, everyone involved in a project has an equally important role to play – from architects to engineers, planners to contractors. Even our most senior Directors sit within their teams every day, providing strategic direction, and staying ‘hands on’ throughout the life of each project.


Associated Architects were receptive and captured our imagination. They were professional and enthusiastic from start to completion of our wonderful eco home. Thinking that solves problems, innovates, challenges assumptions, imagines and explores.


David Whitehouse

Innovative thinkers

Associated Architects is a practice that combines years of experience with the drive the enthusiasm of youth. We think the young people in our practice are its future, and they always have their finger on the pulse of the latest technologies and new ideas. Our innovative studio is dedicated to exploring new advancements and new ways of thinking and discovering new industry developments in materials or construction.

Our clients value our detailed understanding of BIM protocols, the introduction of virtual reality tools and other digital design developments that help bring our schemes to life, or help create the most effective and efficient outcomes.

Creating lasting partnerships

Over the years, many of our client relationships have become lasting partnerships. We take the time to really listen to their brief, and we’re already in tune with their world – their industry, their needs, commercial imperatives and vision for the future. Our rare breadth of expertise, empathy and experience mean they trust us with the big decisions and seek our advice to spot impending challenges before they happen.

There’s no place for creative ego at Associated Architects. We always do what is right for our clients and for the integrity of the project, so our clients can be reassured their budget is in safe hands, and our doors are always open for them to come and see how we work first hand.

Not just Green, but Smart

Associated Architects have been at the forefront of sustainability for many years, creating buildings such as the UK’s largest Passivhaus project at the University of Leicester George Davies Centre for Medicine. But we know that sustainability is about more than meeting a set of criteria. It’s about fine-tuning the operational aspects of a building and ensuring it delivers on environmental credentials and efficiencies for our clients.

People are already engaging with buildings and urban spaces in new and exciting ways, using detailed and innovative technologies that create responsive, intuitive, and efficient environments. Associated Architects are keen to be at the leading edge of new leaps forward in smart buildings and Internet of Things, creating the buildings of tomorrow, that are more in tune with the people who use them.