The Green at St. Richard’s Hospice shortlisted for RIBA Award

We are pleased to announce that The Green at St Richard’s Hospice has been shortlisted in the 2024 West Midlands RIBA Awards.

“The Green” is a fully enclosed Winter Garden that provides a vital multi-use space for patients, staff and visitors at the heart of the hospice. This key space is celebrated with the use of a low carbon, sculptural glulam roof with the timber creating architectural tree-like columns defining a spectacular new top-lit space. The abundance of natural light reduces the reliance on electricity and creates a natural tranquil environment for patients without the need to go outside which is often not possible due to their condition. The architectural character grows from the vision and values of the Hospice, with daylight-filled spaces and natural materials used throughout to create a warm and uplifting, hope-filled architecture.

The design uses laminated timber to create strong architectural tree-like columns defining the spectacular top-lit space at the heart of the Hospice, roofed with off-site fabricated timber coffers. The abstracted timber trees are repeated in a new warm and welcoming entrance, overcoming the challenges of confused and constrained existing buildings. The new building has minimal energy and carbon footprint, near-Passivhaus performance, and a pioneering use of healthy building materials. Avoiding any institutional or overly medical character, these combine to create subtle gentle and uplifting architecture with a variety of humane, distinctive, and intimate spaces.

St Richard’s Hospice Chief Executive, June Patel said, “There is a tranquillity and beauty in the design which has an instant impact on people the moment they step into the building. Enormous thought has gone into creating spaces which are uplifting, light, and healthy environments – instantly promoting wellbeing.”

The RIBA Awards will take place later this Spring.