The Vicarage, St. Cuthberts, Castle Vale

Diocese of Birmingham

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Key Points

Built to “Green Guide” standards

Three Storey

Roof Terrace

Modest and In-scale

Associated Architects’ masterplan required a new Vicarage to Church of England “Green Guide” standards, to enable residential development enclosing St Cuthbert’s Place to frame the existing church.

The design turns a corner between a long approach road and the new high quality landscaped square, St Cutherbert’s Place, which is offset at an angle determined by the orientation of the existing church.

The limited site area required accommodation on three floors, opening up to sunlight, views and a roof terrace to give an additional private external area at the rear. At the front, by contrast, the Vicarage appears more modest and therefore in scale with adjoining terraced houses. The study projects in a single storey wing with a long pitched roof at the front, where the Vicar looks out onto the High Street.