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Our Approach

Our approach is shaped by a thorough understanding of each site’s context alongside an appreciation of the inherent quality and character of the existing landscape.

We place an emphasis on interpreting the underlying form of the landscape, using a combination of historical reference and design narrative to create contemporary spaces that present a balance between new and old.

We believe the most exciting and meaningful places are created through collaborative dialogue and inclusive design.

Associate Director Reno Whitehead heads up the landscape architecture team. With over twenty years of experience, he has a strong track record across multiple sectors, including higher and further education, primary and secondary schools, healthcare, commercial, residential and urban park restoration.


  • Landscape architecture, including design, coordination, liaison and consultation services from site planning through to completion and long-term site management
  • Nature driven solutions, including blue and green infrastructure and Biodiversity Net Gain proposals
  • Hardworks detail design and specification
  • Softworks schedules and planting plans
  • BIM Level 2 delivery
  • Contract administration
  • Framework support including arboriculture, ecology, and heritage

Our Aims

Our nature first and context-led approach enables us to design memorable places with confidence, delivering high quality and engaging landscapes that reflect the needs and aspirations of our clients.

Our aim is to create sustainable and inspirational landscapes which have a positive and lasting impact on the people that use them, whether this is through recreation, relaxation or social interactions, while also supporting active lifestyles and promoting mental and physical well-being through closer contact with nature.

Our Work

Our work covers a wide range of sectors, at varying scales and in response to a breadth of challenges, from sensitive conservation areas to tight urban sites with challenging budgets.

We integrate landscape with buildings, and ensure people, nature and climate are considered in every scheme.

Our landscape architecture team is supported by a framework of sub-consultants including arboriculturalists, ecologists, and heritage specialists.

The images above are from a selection of projects some of which were working in conjunction with other landscape sub-consultants. Churchman Thornhill Finch, Plincke, Node and Patel Taylor.