Cyber Quarter University of Wolverhampton

Cyber Quarter – The Midlands Centre for Cyber Security

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Project Value:

£7.25 million




Key Points


Collaborative R&D units

Innovation Workspace

Low Embodied Carbon Construction

Cyber Quarter

Herefordshire - A focus for defence

Cyber Quarter – The Midlands Centre for Cyber Security is a business incubator facility for small IT start-ups; a joint venture between Hereford Council and the University of Wolverhampton. Located in the Skylon Park Enterprise Zone in Hereford, the new centre will comprise of a 3-storey building of 2,245m² gross floor space. It will create a national point of excellence in Herefordshire, already a focus for cyber and security-related business with over 470 Defence and Security related companies.

The Centre will allow the University of Wolverhampton to build upon the academic and research expertise it brings in IT innovation and cyber-related fields. Herefordshire businesses will be able to utilise the University’s expertise and networks.


The main goals of The Centre are to provide a testing facility for Internet & Global Information Grid research and facilitate the scientific use of cyber testing methods. The centre helps to develop and deploy state of the art cyber testing capabilities and provide a virtual environment for realistic assessment of ground-breaking technologies. It provides specific laboratory equipment, testing facilities, innovation workspace and collaborative R&D units.

A triple height central atrium acts as a welcoming space that can be used for breakout, waiting and socialising, while providing a legible space for ease of navigation to each floor. A rooflight runs along the centre of the plan and provides natural daylight for zones of social learning space.

Vibrant Spaces

An interesting and vibrant space spans the spine of the building providing collaborative working spaces. Both ends of this spine are glazed which allows a view through the building and out into the green spaces.

The ground floor provides the principle training spaces for the facility. Each wing is an open area to facilitate break-out meetings. The upper floors are restricted access and contain most of the tenant units, giving them greater security, away from the open areas on the ground floor. The first floor houses the cyber range, a facility that generates real-time hacking scenarios. The third floor comprises of the remaining cyber tenant units with enlarged corridors to provide break-out seating areas.